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Welcome to A+A 2019!

What can you find on our stand at A+A this year?

Tempus Fugit as they say! This week again sees the great city of Dusseldorf present the A+A show – probably the largest safety and PPE show in the world.

A+A booth banner

If you have walked this show before you will know just how big it is. Eleven halls full of the worlds PPE manufacturers and suppliers touting their wares. And you'll know that just arriving to “walk the show” as people often do with many exhibitions is not very practical. Visitors need to have a plan and to know what stands they wish to visit. This is why the organisers' traditional "Highlight Route", which we are this year extremely proud to be part of with our look at The Future of Chemical Protection (see below), can be a useful tool for visitors.

As usual Lakeland will be attendance… so with hundreds of potential stands to visit is it worth including ours on your itinerary? To help you decide, here's a summary of what you can find if you join us in Hall 9, Stand E61.


The stand will be loosely divided into four areas, each focusing on a key range of products. These include:

Type 5 & 6 protective clothing

Our range of Safegard® and MicroMax® clothing presenting the best combinations of comfort and safety for protection against hazardous dusts, light liquid spray and splash.

Chemical Protective Clothing

Our full range of ChemMax® and Interceptor® Type 1 to 4 chemical protective clothing will be on display and showcasing our theme of “The Future of Protective Clothing” – part of the A+A “Highlight Route” focusing on the future of work.

Chemmax 2 1536 x 768Included will be ChemMax 2, our mid-range Type 3 & 4 coverall which is softer, lighter and less expensive - and yet a real alternative to more expensive competitor options. Find out why in our chemical protection section. 

The only EN 14116 Secondary FR Workwear you can Trust!

Our full Pyrolon® range, Secondary FR Workwear based on unique fabric engineered for superior FR properties and completely unlike other less effective FR disposable coveralls will be on view, along with a new video detailling the results of testing showing the difference between Pyrolon® and the others, and why Pyrolon® are the only EN 14116 coveralls you can trust.

In addition you can view our new Pyrolon® CBFR coverall; a unique combination of high chemical barrier and FR properties.

Pyrolon video still

Cool Suits®

Lakeland’s cool suits offer a unique opportunity for workers to gain greater levels of comfort… demonstrated by our “smoking cool suit”, a display model using a smoke machine and the EN 14116-certified Pyrolon® CRFR Cool Suit®

smoking cool suit

To understand when more comfortable options such as Cool Suits can be used it  is vital to understand the difference between Type 3 and Type 4 applications.  Find out more in our 'Guide to Chemical Suit Selection'.

Visual Demonstrations and Activity Stations

Our stand will also feature a range of “activity stations” which visually demonstrate key features of our products. These include:-

Type 6 Protection Demo

Claims and myths abound about which of the three types of fabric used for Type 5 & 6 coveralls offers the best protection. This simple demonstration provides clarification and the truth.

The Breathability Box

Breathability, or more accurately, air-permeability of a coverall fabric, is the key factor when it comes to comfort; the higher the air air-permeability, the greater the comfort.

Our Breathability Box is a visual demonstration the three key fabrics used for all Type 5 & 6 coveralls and how effectively they breathe. Test it for yourself!

Lakeland breathability box

Highlight Route: The Future of Work

Our successful entry into this years’ official Highlight Route looks at The Future of Chemical Protection, explaining why and how the way chemical suit permeation resistance classification is changing:

highlight route graphic

Key Point 1: The Past

The current common method of using permeation test “breakthrough” as a “safe-wear” time is a misunderstanding of the test data and could be a health time-bomb. Key Point 1 explains why.

Key Point 2: The Present

The latest version of EN 14325 published in 2018 introduced a new method of classifying safe-wear times for chemical suits, at least partially addressing the problems created by the misunderstanding in Key Point 1. Key Point 2 explains what it is and how solves part of the problem… but only part…

Key Point 3: The Future

Permasure® is a smartphone app that provides the same safe-wear time as the new EN 14325 classification… but also addressing its shortcomings.

These three key points, using graphics, a short presentation and a Permasure® demo show why and how assessment of safe-wear times for chemical suits is changing. Join us on our stand to discover more and find out about The Future of Chemical Protection.

Our team of European Sales Managers, along with our technical experts will be in attendance at the show to answer your questions, along with guests from our Lakeland sales and manufacturing divisions in USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Russia.

So if you’re anywhere near Hall 9, Stand E61, drop in and say hello! We look forward to welcoming you! Find the full floorplan here.

Join Lakeland at A+A, Hall 9 Stand E61

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