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Team LakelandFirefighter Combat World Challenge XXIV Results

The 2015 Firefighter Combat Challenge season is officially at an end and we are so proud of Team Lakeland Fire!

The annual World Firefighter Combat Challenge brings together first responder qualifiers who showcase their tremendous physical fitness abilities by wearing full turnout gear and a self-contained breathing apparatus as they race against the clock and navigated a multi-level obstacle course.

You’ve followed along with us from competition to competition throughout the 2015 season, so here are the official 2015 World Firefighter Combat Challenge (FCC) competition results!

Thanks for a great season, Team Lakeland Fire!

Sean Sullivan of Frankfort Fire & EMS Earns Silver Medal at the World FCC XXIV

Sean Sullivan, representing Team Lakeland and the Frankfort Fire & EMS, set a personal best in the Over-40 Individual category and took 2nd place (silver) in the Hybrid Relay.

  • Preliminary Highlights: Sean led the pack in the Over-40 Tandem competition with a time of 1:22, posting the fastest time on Day One and performing well in the Hybrid Relay and Over-40 Individual category.
  • Competition Final: Sean finishes 2nd place (silver) in the Hybird Relay and finishes 14th in the Over-40 Individual category with a new personal best time of 1:38.88.

“This year's World Championship event was an amazing experience for me that I was honored to share with Team Lakeland Fire,” said Sean. "My teammates and many of the men and women out there competing are like family to me, and sharing this experience with them is hard to put into words. I feel blessed by my performance and the support of my 2 boys, family, friends, and teammates."

Ryan Fitzgerald of Mankato Fire Rescue Breaks World Record and Takes Gold in Tandem Competition at the World FCC XXIV

Ryan Fitzgerald, representing Team Lakeland and the Mankato, Minnesota Fire Rescue, broke two world records during the four-day competition and ultimately took gold in the Tandem Competition with a time of 1:08.35.

  • Preliminaries Day 1: Ryan led the pack in the individual event with a time of 1:21, just two seconds off the world record.
  • Preliminaries Day 3: Ryan ran a new Open World Record in the individual category qualifiers with a time of 1:17.51, beating the old record of 1:19.02.
  • Competition Final: Ryan takes 1st place (gold) in the Tandem Competition with a time of 1:08:35, finishes 2nd place (silver) in the Hybird Relay and 3rd place (bronze) in the Individual category.

Thank you Sean and Ryan for a great 2015 Season! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments!

Follow along on our blog as we continue to post tips and facts to help you improve your training tactics and prepare for the 2016 competition season!

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