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Passion for Protective Clothing and Safety Gear

With “Protect Your People” as our mission, it should come as no surprise that Lakeland Industries is excited about the 25th anniversary of National Safety Awareness month. 

In 2019, the National Safety Council reported that the U.S. saw the highest number of workplace deaths since 2007: 5,333 fatal workplace injuries. At Lakeland, we manufacture industry-leading protective garments to safeguard workers from fire, dangerous chemicals, diseases, and other hazards.  

This month we want to recognize the role that Lakeland’s innovative safety apparel plays in serving as a reliable first line of defense for individuals who work in environments that require additional protection. 

Lakeland Turnout Gear

From wildland to structural fires, to extrication and proximity gear, Lakeland has your back. Our affordable turnout gear line-up comes with additional features to enhance visibility and decrease contact with harmful particulates.  

Lakeland’s original LazerMax™ Trim significantly increases the visibility of first responders in low light conditions. And firefighters looking to further block the passage of carcinogenic fumes and substances can reduce exposure with Lakeland’s Fortify Particulate Blocking system, which reduces exposure by obstructing interface points at the waist and ankles. 

While these brave men and women are working to save our lives, Lakeland Industries takes pride in knowing our turnout gear is protecting those that risk their lives to protect us. 

Lakeland FR Clothing

One of the most overlooked (but important) aspects of keeping employees safe is keeping them comfortable on the job. For workers who depend on Flame Resistant and/or Arc Resistant clothing, the statement could not be more critical – as these individuals are often working outdoor for extended periods of time.  

Lakeland’s high-performance FR/AR apparel not only protects the wearer but enhances workers’ performance. Moisture-wicking and layering systems, extending shirttails so as not to expose skin, minimal seams across shoulder or underarm areas – all while maintaining a “put together” appearance – are just a few of the elements included in our high-performance FR gear to ensure superior performance, comfort, and protection year-round. 

Lakeland Chemical and Disposable

Protective clothing should never put employees at risk, especially those that are working in a chemical industrial environment.  

Lakeland's lines of chemical and disposable protective garments are meticulously created with strength and durability at its core. Lakeland’s ChemMax® Chemical Search tool, supported by PermaSURE®, makes it simple to select the right garments for the job at hand. By incorporating temperature, environmental factors, exposure, and other elements, you can make more informed decisions when looking protective garments. 

From ChemMax® 1 series all the way to fully-encapsulated Level A chemical suits with the Interceptor® Plus series, Lakeland’s chemical PPE garments will keep your team performing confidently, comfortably, and safely.  

Lakeland Cleanroom and Critical Environment

Protecting employees is certainly what we do. However, in a cleanroom, garments are usually designed to protect the laboratory, or the products being created in that controlled environment, from the people working within it.  

Lakeland’s CleanMax® line is designed to do not only that but also to serve as a barrier so that bloodborne pathogens and harmful substances do not make direct contact with the wearer. Our bound seams, smooth fabric surface areas, storm flaps, and clean manufacturing processes help ensure that a significantly lower particle count does not enter the environment while keeping splashesharsh chemicals, and microorganisms from leaking through to the technicians.  

Confidence in your controlled environment is key. When your team dons and doffs a Lakeland CleanMax® garment, they will thrive in comfort and protection. 

Why Lakeland?

Our mission is simple: we show up every day to engineer innovative garments designed to protect those who are exposed to dangerous hazards.  

Lakeland ChemMax® prevents toxic fumes and liquids from contacting the wearer. Be it dirt, grease, grim, or other toxic particulates, Lakeland’s MicroMax® garments continue to shield the wearer from non-hazardous chemicals.  

Our CleanMax® sterile and non-sterile garments are individually packaged and ready to don and doff with precision, preventing potential cleanroom contamination.  

Lakeland High Performance FR clothing is created with the industrial athlete in mind, wicking moisture and keeping crew members cool while they focus and tend to their tedious and dangerous jobs.  

Finally, Lakeland turnout gear (both wildland and structural) not only protects firefighters from burns and heat exhaustion, but it can aid in reducing exposure to carcinogenic particulates -- while keeping them more visible than ever before.  

Safety Month may come around every June, but Lakeland’s focus on manufacturing products that keep people safe is our focus every day of the year. Our passion for protection is what our company was founded on over 30 years ago, and it’s what will keep us motivated and innovating for decades to come.  

Happy Safety Month, everyone! 

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