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How Moisture Wicking Protects Against Heat Stress

Linemen can’t control their work conditions. But they can choose the right apparel to help them stay cool and dry on the job. The Bureau of labor Statistics lists electrical powerline installers and repairers as one of the deadliest occupations in the U.S. Weather related afflictions such as overexertion, heat stress and bodily reactions, are the most common non-fatal accidents on the job.

One of the most effective ways to combat heat stress is to modify workwear. So how do you select the right FR apparel? How do you know what to look for in a moisture wicking garment? Watch our short video to learn more.

Permanent Moisture wicking FR Apparel Can Help Combat Heat Stress

Superior moisture wicking fabrics combine two types of fibers together:

  1. Hydrophobic (water hating) fibers
  2. Hydrophilic (water loving) fibers


A Superior moisture wicking garment will:

  • Pull moisture off of skin.
  • Transport moisture and sweat through the garment to the outside surface, quickly.
  • Spread moisture on the exterior of the fabric so it can dissipate, to help you feel drier, faster.

How To Select The Right FR Garment

Consider the following features:

  • Look for a garment that offers permanent moisture wicking technology.
  • Designed with arm mobility to accommodate overhead reaching and side to side movements.
  • Dual-certified protection with safety and maneuverability in mind.
  • Check garment fabric composition to ensure a 60/40 fiber blend.
  • Flat seam construction to maximize comfort.
  • Seamless underarms designed to eliminate seam pull and shirt rise and chafing.
  • Tag free back collar to eliminate annoying labels.

One of the most important decisions you can make to combat heat stress and other weather related ailments is choosing the right FR clothing. Download Lakeland’s free apparel guide and get the facts on heat stress and find the FR apparel best suited to protect your people.

An upgrade in apparel could mean an upgrade in performance, protection and comfort. Lakeland FR high performance combines superior moisture wicking fibers, style and functionality. Take the first step towards proven protection with Lakland’s FR dual certified high performance apparel.

how to combat heat stress with fr apparel

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