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FR Clothing: How an FR/AR Layering System Manages Moisture

Managing moisture as you work is critical to maintain core temperature and overall comfort. Layering up and down strategically to boost performance requires a knowledge of not only how your FR clothing is constructed, but also what type of fabric your garments are made from and the recommended FR layering guidelines.

What information are you currently missing as you select the right FR garments, layering system components, and appropriate CAL-rated combinations? Watch our video and keep reading to find out.

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As you research the types of FR clothing available to you, don’t forget to consider whether the inherent qualities of your garment provide the required FR protection and are designed to be layered as needed on the job site. Whether you are looking for lineman clothing, oil and gas clothing, or general flame-resistant clothing, it’s important to know what key qualities to look for.

Look for FR clothing that offers:

  • Permanent moisture-wicking technology. Moisture-wicking capabilities should not wash out, wear or, or lose effectiveness over time.

  • Dual Hazard protection for Flash Fire and Arc Flash. Be prepared for every situation with dual hazard protection.

  • Inherently FR fibers. Your FR clothing should be constructed to be inherently FR, meaning they are not treated to provide flash fire protection, but rather, the fibers themselves are inherently flame resistant.

  • Proven, tested performance. If your FR apparel has not undergone testing in real-life scenarios and completed wear-trials to undergo the rigors of everyday use, then you should look elsewhere.

  • Lightweight and comfortable. Lightweight FR apparel design means you won't be bogged down in hot, heavy layers, but can remain comfortable and maintain maneuverability.

To get the most protection, comfort, and safety from your FR garments, selecting garments that layer together to complete a full FR layering system is truly the best approach. Understand exactly what to look for in each layer of your FR clothing layering system below.

If your FR apparel has not undergone testing in real-life scenarios and completed wear-trials to undergo the rigors of everyday use, then you should look elsewhere.

FR Base Layer Clothing

FR Base LayerFR Base Layer

FR base layer clothing is the foundational key to an optimal FR layering system. For you to stay cool during hot summer days and warm when it's frigid cold outside, you need to keep dry with appropriate moisture management.

FR base layer shirt must be constructed with the optimal 60/40 blend of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to constantly pull moisture away from your body, move it to the outer surface of the garment, and allow it to dry.

Staying dry is the key to keeping you comfortable and better protected.

FR Mid-Layer Clothing

FR Mid-LayerFR Mid-Layer

FR mid-layers are versatile garments that can help take the chill off on a cool fall morning or provide an extra layer of insulation on frigid winter days.

When paired with a FR base layer, FR mid-layers help to pull moisture away from your body and move it to the outermost garment surface so it can dry.

Lightweight, effective fabrics allow FR mid-layers to increase comfort without reducing mobility.

FR Outer Layer Clothing

FR Outer layerFR Outer Layer

FR outer layer garments complete the Layering System, giving you the comfort and protection you demand.

Moisture-wicking fabrics continue the process of pulling moisture away from your body to the outermost layer so that it can dry.

The wind-resistant / water-resistant FR outer layer fabrics help keep the elements at bay so you can focus on the task at hand.

FR/AR Layering System

Maximize performance, comfort, and safety with Lakeland's high-performance FR/AR layering system, featuring permanent moisture wicking fibers in every layer. Choosing Lakeland's inherently FR fabric means your team is protected with dual hazard protection for flash fire and arc flash.

Utilizing a strategically designed layering system means you know exactly the level of protection you have as you add and remove layers, and it means you maintain a high level of moisture management.

When you choose Lakeland’s FR/AR Layering System, extreme weather and dangerous conditions won't compromise your safety or performance.

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