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Firefighter Elite Performance Guide – 2nd Edition

If you are interested in competing in the Firefighter Combat Challenge, looking to improve the fitness level of your fire department, or looking to improve your own personal fitness, the Firefighter Elite Performance Guide is for you.


Following the success of our First Edition, we came back with more than 30 pages of firefighter-approved training, nutrition and FCC tips to help you get exceptional fitness results. Click the link below to download NOW!

Secrets Of Elite Fitness Training

In your day-to-day life on the job, there is no shortage of responsibilities. Your strength, endurance and cardio are tested everyday: carrying a hose and advancing forward, lifting patients at an EMS incident, controlling hydraulic rescue tools at a vehicle accident.

So what are the secrets to improve fitness and training and optimize on-the-job performance? Get tips, tricks and hacks to help you train like a Firefighter Combat Challenge champion. From the types of muscle movements FCC team members use in training to their favorite workout routines, you’ll learn insider secrets to help you reach your top level of fitness.

Nutrition Recommendations to Help You Reach Top Performance

Fuel your peak performance the right way. Learn about nutritional myths and facts and get sample food favorites to enjoy and avoid during your path to fitness success. Take the expert advice of top performing firefighters to get your body re-charged from the inside out.

Maximize Performance with the Top Gear 

Understand the critical fit elements of turnout gear and how athletically cut competition gear can set you apart from the competition. Review a case study of one member of Team Lakeland and how turnout gear helped him reach top performance.

Download your Firefighter Elite Performance Guide - 2nd Edition now by clicking the link below to amp up your training routine!

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Lakeland's Elite Performance 2nd Edition guide book



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