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Disposable Cleanroom Garments Comprehensive Guide

From clean garment manufacturing, to packaging and overall performance, there are many quality factors to consider as you select the right disposable garments for your cleanroom and/or controlled environment.

coverYour company is not only responsible for the welfare of your employees, but also for protecting your cleanrooms/ controlled environments and your products from potential contamination and harmful excursions.

At Lakeland, we have a reputation for creating industry-leading protective apparel. Now, we are proud to bring that expertise to cleanrooms and controlled environments.

We’ve created a free comprehensive guide intended to be your go-to educational resource when it comes to choosing the best cleanroom and/or controlled environment apparel for your application.

From manufacturing to packaging and donning -- every detail matters for your controlled environment. This free eBook guide includes detailed information on:

  • Clean versus sterile manufacturing and why it matters to you
  • Manufacturing and sterility data support
  • Packaging to reduce excursions
  • A step-by-step aseptic donning guide
  • How to choose non-sterile disposables
  • And more …

Download guide now.

Confidence in your cleanroom and/or controlled environment starts with understanding how to select the right disposable apparel for your unique needs. Get started now with our comprehensive guide, and stay tuned to our blog for regular updates on how to protect your team and your controlled environment.

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