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Cleanroom Apparel Whitepaper: Understand The Current IEST Standards

cleanroom-whitepaper-1Selecting the right cleanroom garment for your controlled environment application can be difficult.

From high-tech manufacturing to food industry and pharmaceutical compounding, protective garments are critical to prevent contamination and to protect your people, and your product.

How confident are you in your understanding of IEST standards and your cleanroom garment selection?

At Lakeland, we have a reputation for creating industry-leading protective apparel, and we are proud to bring that expertise to controlled environments.

Lakeland Industries created this educational whitepaper to assist cleanroom Quality Assurance, Compliance, Production, and Purchasing Managers protect both products and employees.

The whitepaper provides an overview of the IEST required performance criteria for cleanrooms, including:

  • Non-woven fabric types
  • Evaluation standards
  • Recommended garment construction.

Download whitepaper now.

Get started now with our education whitepaper, and stay tuned to our blog for regular updates on how to protect your team and your controlled environment.

cleanroom apparel whitepaper

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