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A Blueprint of the Future for Turnout Gear

Firefighters are faced with any number of emergency situations and the protective clothing worn must be adaptable and efficient in each unique scenario. In the face of a three-alarm blaze or a routine vehicle accident, turnout gear must be designed to be maneuverable while providing adequate protection. But the strategic design of turnout gear is not something you generally think about — if it does the job, you should be happy, right?

The New Way to #GearUp

What if you could get comfortable, athletic cut turnout gear that still performs in the hottest, most intense conditions
Take a closer look at this blueprint of premium turnout gear.

Download a PDF version now to print and share! 




Lakeland Stealth™ Turnout Gear is the ultimate in fire protective technology. Advanced ergonomics combined with cutting edge materials give you superior protection with maximum freedom of movement. Learn more about Lakeland Stealth, request a sample and #GearUp with Lakeland.

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