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4 Things Line Mechanics Should Look for in Moisture Wicking FR Apparel

lineman FR apparelThe clothes you wear on the job, matter. Protection from arc-flash is your primary concern, but you no longer have to compromise comfort and performance for safety.

High Performance FR apparel that combines moisture wicking technology with performance-tested design modifications can boost your comfort and confidence on the line.

This article will cover the key information every lineman should know before they select their next FR garment, including:

  • The science of moisture wicking technology
  • How FR clothing can help maintain core temperature
  • New FR shirts design modifications for linemen
  • How clothing can improve lineman safety on the job
  • Tips to select the right FR garment

1. Choose Apparel with Moisture Wicking Technology and the Data to Back it Up

Your apparel choice can greatly affect your safety on the job. Choosing an FR garment that lets you stay focused means your safety will never be compromised by the distraction of clothing discomfort. Moisture wicking technology in apparel is the use of specific clothing fibers designed to pull moisture off the skin, transporting it through the fabric, improving clothing comfort, cooling and insulation.

A garment with superior moisture wicking capabilities can:

  • Pull moisture off of your skin into the clothing fibers to ensure you don’t feel bogged down with dampness.
  • Transport the moisture from the interior of the fabric to the exterior of the fabric, quickly.
  • Spread the moisture on the exterior of the fabric so it can dissipate, to help you feel drier, faster.

This combination of actions is the act of vertical moisture wicking, and the speed at which a garment moves through the stages of wicking from garment to garment is called the water vapor transmission speed. The faster a garment can wick moisture away from your body, through the fibers and spread it on the exterior surface, the drier and more comfortable you’ll be on the job.


2. Select FR Clothing That Can Help Maintain Core Temperature

Understanding the science of moisture wicking is one thing, understanding how it can improve your job performance is another important consideration.

Research performed in a controlled lab environment shows that Lakeland FR performance apparel:

  • Absorbs moisture 7X faster than FR cotton and 3X faster than all other competitive blends
  • Moves an average 50% more moisture to the exterior of the fabric creating a drier zone next to the skin
  • Maintains moisture movement capabilities at a rate 5X faster than competitors

What does this mean for you? It means that if you choose Lakeland FR, you will see the benefits of the industry’s best moisture wicking technology.In heat and humidity, your FR performance shirt will pull moisture off of your skin and it will dissipate quickly helping you stay dry. In the winter, your FR shirt will be a base layer, but it won’t get soaked with moisture making you feel cold as soon as you stop activity. Instead, it will pass moisture through the fibers to the next layer, keeping you both insulated and dry.

3. Choose FR Shirts Designed Specifically for Lineman

Not only is Lakeland FR performance gear designed to boost your performance, it also features a number of design details specifically requested by linemen. Lakeland FR garments were created for linemen, by linemen, so we took their feedback into consideration.

  • Dual-certified protection with safety and maneuverability in mind
  • Flat seam construction to maximize comfort
  • Tag free back collar to eliminate annoying labels
  • Designed with arm mobility to accommodate overhead reaching and side to side movements
  • Seamless underarms designed to eliminate seam pull and shirt rise and chafing
  • Contrasting stitch design offers sharp contrast and a great look for at-work, at the gym and out on the town
  • Designed to provide a functional fit for all, with contoured shape and a sleek design to reduce bulk

4. Consider How Clothing Can Improve Lineman Safety On the Job

Choosing an FR garment is important to protect you from the dangers on the job. Choosing FR garments with superior moisture wicking technology will protect you in other important ways. Choosing FR apparel that wicks away moisture will:

  • Help Prevent Heat stress. Staying cool in hot temperatures will keep you safe from overheating and heat stroke.
  • Help Prevent Loss of Concentration. If your clothes are full of sweat and bogged down, you may focus more time on managing your clothing than on the task at hand.
  • Help Prevent Loss of Focus and Ability. If your clothes are heavy, restrictive and uncomfortable, your fine motor skills can diminish.

If you don’t have to spend your time worrying about your clothing, you can improve your job performance significantly.

Simple Tips To Help You Choose Your Next FR Lineman Shirt

Why #AskForLakeland? Lakeland has an extensive background in the production of protective clothing for the chemical, oil, gas and fire industries. Our expertise in protective clothing is now available for utility workers in the form of high performance FR apparel. We may be new in the utility community, but we took the time to ask linemen for their feedback on what utility apparel should look and feel like.

Our line of FR performance gear is the new industry leader in terms of comfort, moisture wicking and style. But don’t just take our word for it, ask for the data and you’ll see that Lakeland outlasts the competitors in every category.

In Conclusion, What Should You Look for in A Moisture Wicking Garment?

  • Always look at the garment tag to verify a blend of synthetic and natural fibers
  • Look for a garment that offers permanent moisture wicking technology
  • Look for a tag with a 55/45 blend for optimal moisture wicking
  • Don’t always opt for lighter weight! Just because a garment is Category 1 and deemed ‘lightweight’ doesn't meet it will actually keep you cooler

The clothes you wear on the job, matter — for your comfort, for your performance and for your safety. Shouldn't you choose FR gear with advanced technology and industry-leading design? It’s simple, just #AskforLakeland.

Interested in learning more lineman training and fitness tips, and how to layer FR clothing to optimize on-the-job performance? Download our eBook now: Lineman Safety & Performance Guide Learn how you can climb stronger, work safer and prevent accidents.

Lakeland set out to create an FR performance line that could exceed FR safety requirements, outlast the elements, maintain lineman body temperature and still be comfortable enough for everyday wear. Lakeland FR performance apparel offers dual-certified protective apparel with advanced moisture wicking technology and a lightweight design with maneuverability and comfort in mind. Learn more by following Lakeland on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to #AskForLakeland.

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