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Contact with Blood is More Dangerous Than Ever !    How to Know if Your Workers' Protective Clothing is Actually Safe.


If the people you are responsible for might come into contact with blood, you need to feel confident that the protective clothing they are wearing can stand up to Bloodborne Pathogens (BBPs). These are the infectious microorganisms in blood that can cause disease in humans.

OSHA, the federal agency that oversees workplace safety and health, established the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) to protect employees exposed to potentially infectious blood and other bodily fluids.  These workers face significant risks from familiar viruses like HIV and hepatitis B, to newcomers like Zika.

The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires employers to provide affected workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) including gowns and other garments, gloves, as well as eye and face protection.

Not All Protective Garments Are Created Equal

But how do you know if the garment, and the material its made from, will protect your employee from potentially life-threatening exposure?

1. Seek out performance data that compares apples to apples ,as in the attached Performance Guide.

Unlike in the US, performance tests in Europe are standardized and the results must be made public, so we can objectively compare fabrics under EN 14126, the standard for protective clothing performance against infectious agents.

Consider the facts:

  • In all four tests against bloodborne pathogens required under EN14126, Lakeland MicroMax® NS was significantly more effective and performed at the highest possible class in each test. The leading competitor did not meet the minimum performance threshold to qualify for classification in protection against blood and body fluids, and only met the minimum classification in the other tests.
  • In addition Lakeland MicroMax® NS also meets or exceeds the performance of the leading competitor in the majority of fabric strength tests.

2. Choose an optimized solution that meets your specific needs, environment and risks.

Whether you are in the market for hard hats or protective clothing, you know that one size does not fit all. To maximize safety, you need to choose the product that provides the best protection against the specific exposure being faced.

For example, if the specific data tells you that the leading competitive fabric does not meet even the minimum threshold of the Bloodborne Pathogen tests, while Lakeland's MicroMax ® NS aces them, its clear which one to choose.

Click below to see the full performance data so that you can make a well-considered decision for Bloodborne and other exposure risks.

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